moby doll orca symposium

The Moby Doll Orca Symposium: Reflections On Change was promoted as a “whale of a tale” and for those who attended the unique May 24-26, 2013 event on Saturna, it more than lived up to its billing.

The symposium itself, a day-long affair on Saturday, May 24 at the Saturna Island Recreation Centre, was the unique event’s focal-point and it was a sell-out.

Approximately 200 self-confessed “orca-holics” gathered to hear seven key orca scientists speak about the past, present and future of killer whales in local and regional coastal waters.

Most importantly, the symposium gave many a unique learning experience and a new outlook on how science, research and the future for killer whales are inexorably linked.

Saturna is part of that link and the symposium focused on how the capture of Moby Doll nearly 50 years ago off East Point triggered a complex sequence of events that forever changed the relationship between humans and orcas.