Whale Tales SEATALK - Dinner and Whale StoryTelling

with Caitlin Birdsall
and Whale Tales

The third annual Whale Tales Seatalk moved inside due to inclement weather; however, with some lovely decorations and delicious food, it turned out to be a great evening. Nicole Cann wore multiple (sparkly) hats as bartender, MC, SIMRES board member and Whale Tales co-founder and gave a lovely over view of Whale Tales and introduction to long-time SIMRES friend Caitlin Birdsall.

Growing up as part of the Saturna Island 'Group of 30', Caitlin has spent some time of almost every summer on Saturna. As the first speaker of the SIRES Seatalk program, we were excited to welcome her back to hear her whale tales from Saturna, the North Coast and all over the world. She made some great observations about Northen Resident Killer Whale social behaviours, shared tales about unique humpback behaviours and even treated us to see a great tale about seeing a blue whale in the Philippines.

Throughout her stories caitlin wove in lessons she's learned over a decade of working with cetaceans all over the world including one of the most vital ones, Be Whale Wise (#bewhalewise) and If You See a Blow, Go Slow (#seeablowgoslow)

Following Caitlin's scintillating talk, we opened up the floor for questions and allowed residents and visitors to share their own whale tales. This brought up some great discussions about boat safety, chinook salmon populations, and whale depredation - a new issue spreading along our coast.

Thank you so much to Hubertus for a delicious dinner and a huge thank you to Caitlin for coming down to Saturna to share her enthusiasm and knowledge. As always you can read and share your whale tales at

Stay tuned here (or follow SIMRES on Facebook) - once Caitlin's stories are published on the Whale Tales website, we will share them here.