Harbour Porpoises with Aileen Jeffries

September 12, 2015

Aileen Jeffries started off with some background information about harbor porpoises and discussed the goals of her research. She also showed graphs indicating which months of the year Harbour Porpoises were showing up. Most of these data were from her hydrophones located in Borrows Pass. The graphs indicate which months the Harbour Porpoises were showing up more frequently and in higher numbers.

Later on in the evening, she brought up graphs showing the data collected from her C-pod hydrophone located in Narvez Bay. She obtained good data from the local hydrophone and was encouraged by her findings. She also encourages local citizen science and would like to hear from anyone observing Harbour Porpoises with the time, day and month being passed along to her.

SIMRES asks local residents living along Cliffside Road to keep an eye out for Harbour Porpoises and let us know when they see them. You can email SIMRES and we will make sure Aileen is notified.

Aileen also showed a short video of her work with Levi, a Harbour Porpoise rescued, rehabilitated and released from the Vancouver Aquarium.

After Aileen’s talk, we heard from Bailey Egan, Cetacean Sightings Network coordinator at the Vancouver Aquarium. Baily gave a brief presentation showing cetacean sightings along the B.C. coast all the way to Alaska.

Overall, it was a great presentation about Aileen’s findings and other cetaceans right here on the Saturna Island coastline. To share your porpoise sightings, you can connect with the SIMRES facebook or email us.

Visit Whale Tales to see more harbour porpoise sightings.

To report any cetacean sightings, visit the Vancouver Aquarium’s BC Cetacean Sightings Network.

Event reporting by Bob Bruce. Photos credited to Judy Tipple. Thank you both.