August 2016

1. Hydrophone update: SIMRES has been operating and monitoring two hydrophones in the waters of Boundary Pass, one near East Point and the other off Monarch Head. More recently, we have entered working agreements with Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) represented by Paul Cottrell, the Marine Mammal Specialist for Western Canada, and Ocean Networks Canada, at the University of Victoria, represented by Tom Dakin to enhance and upgrade the monitoring of shipping and the Orcas, both Resident and Transient.

Recently, Tom and Paul and their co-workers upgraded the communications systems at the East Point hydrophone terminal, and placed the cables from the hydrophone there in a protective conduit from the top of the cliff face (it's on Cliffside Road) to the low water mark. The hydrophone cable and equipment at Monarch Head were also recently completely replaced with an upgrade.

A new driver and software are also being installed, and an internet connection set up so that the sounds and a visual representation (spectogram) can be remotely accessed through the web. The first location for this is on a computer terminal now installed and operational at the Fog Alarm Building (FAB) in collaboration with the Saturna Heritage Committee out at East Point. The public can now see and hear it there. The next step is to set up on-line access through our SIMRES website.

2. Video Production update: SIMRES has been working with two young videographers, Amy Zimmerman and Adam Myhill to produce a series of videos about SIMRES and its work. They are working on an introductory video with footage from 'The Sea Amoung Us' workshop held last September that can be used to securing future workshop funding. Amy and Adam are also filming three of this season's SeaTalks and there should be something to show you this Fall. Amy and Adam are both very enthusiastic about the work SIMRES is doing and want to be associated with us for the long term.

3. Collaboration Update: SIMRES has recently embarked upon a series of meetings with The Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea (SCSS) in Sidney to see how we can work together and share resources. We are also working on collaboration with The University of Victoria’s NEMES Project.

Mainenance work on the Monarch Head hydrophone (collaboration with Ocean Network Canada)

Saturna eelgrass aerial survey (Natasha Nahirnick, University of Victoria Master's degree project)

Intertidal Safari at East Point (collaboration with Marine Life Sanctuaries Society & Parks Canada)