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SIMRES is a not for profit society registered in British Columbia in January 2013. Our organization is dedicated to encouraging marine research at or near our location at the centre of the Salish Sea and to providing or facilitating educational programmes, workshops and hands-on activities which will create awareness and promote a better public understanding of our marine ecosystems. We are collaborating with researchers, educators, NGO's and educational institutions to encourage both students and the general public to become involved as professionals or citizen scientists and be stewards for the future of our ocean environment.

We would like to show our appreciation to all individuals, groups and organizations who are so generously supporting our ongoing research, education and outreach initiatives. Thank you to the following groups who donated start-up funding:

Many thanks also for the ongoing in-kind work, donations, resources and financial support from the following:

There are many costs involved in developing our research, education and outreach initiatives, so we welcome any donations, large or small, that will keep us moving forward. Please contact Larry Peck at for more information if you would like to help. We are a registered charity and so can issue you a tax receipt for any amount over $20.00

Welcome to a short history of our organization

SIMRES was started in April 2012 by seven Saturna Islanders with environmental and economic concerns about the island. In the first eighteen months we organized ourselves, became a non-profit society and raised money to launch the start-up.

In May 2013, SIMRES played an important role in organizing the highly successful Moby Doll Orca Symposium that was held on Saturna Island. Many of the top orca researchers in the north east Pacific Ocean came to Saturna to attend this very special event. Shortly after, our Saturna Environmental Awareness Talks, known as seaTALKS, began in earnest and have been bringing highly respected scientists to Saturna to inform us about their life work. Our directors have been on a fast-track of learning about all the educational programs, science organizations, activists and experts that have a stake in this marine environment. It’s been very exciting, eye-opening, sometimes discouraging, sometimes promising. By becoming more aware of our rapidly changing marine environment, we remain hopeful that ordinary citizens like us can have an effect on preventing really bad decisions that could forever alter the ecology and well-being of Saturna. After all, it’s difficult to not feel protective of whales when you see them frequently and you get to know their names and habits. One cannot accept killing seals when you watch them being born, suckling and learning how to fish right in front of you. Try to imagine a sea with no herring when a ball of fish has erupted in front of your kayak, hundreds of gulls above and seals below are careening all around and you feel like you are in the centre of all creation.

We hope SIMRES provides a venue for sharing our deeper connection to all the natural wonders that surround us every day. So, please write to us about your experiences on and around Saturna Island so we can share them on this website. In a short time we’ve come a long way, but this is still just the beginning. If you would like to encourage our work, please attend our seaTALKS events, email or talk to us with your suggestions, ideas and concerns. Help us raise significant funding for our ultimate goal of having a research centre on Saturna Island. The greatest form of appreciation is your personal engagement in our efforts.

Thank you to all who have helped us along the way. Our commitment is visible, yet our directors cannot fulfill all the ambitious projects on our own. It’s the help of our community, near and far, that will make our goals a reality.

If you are a photographer, writer, videographer or artist and would like to show your natural themed work on our website, we welcome your submissions. Please contact us to learn more about the kind of works we’d like to see or to be given a creative assignment.

SIMRES Original Vision Presentation - 2013